ONK Mill

Last weekend I was in Mill for the final races of the ONK (the Open Dutch Championship).

In the 85cc Rick Elzinga only needed 4 points to clinch the deal. He made no mistakes, ended 2nd in the 1st race and could already celebrate his victory in the Championship. Raivo Dankers took the overall with Elzinga in 2nd and Loeka Thonies in 3rd.

In the 125cc Conrad Mewse started with a 11 point lead on Cyril Genot. Mewse did not have the best day but a better one than Genot and so he won the title in the 125cc class. Jago Geerts is in great form and he won both races. Noud van Kraaij won silver and Mewse bronze.

In the MX2 class Damon Graulus started with 10 points more than Lars van Berkel. We saw some exciting racing with Freek van der Vlist twice in the early lead but in the end Harri Kullas won both races. In the first one van Berkel was 2nd in front of Graulus and took 2 points back but in the 2nd van Berkel crashed in the 1st lap. Graulus was 2nd but van Berkel came all the way to 3rd and finished right behind Graulus. Graulus won the Championship. The podium was for Kullas, Graulus and van Berkel.

The difference in the MX1 class was only 2 points between William Saris and Ceriel Klein Kromhof. We saw a lot of changes in the top 5 in both races. Saris won the first one with Michael Hool in 2nd and Klein Kromhof in 3rd, thus extending his lead to 7 points. In the restart of the 2nd heat, Nick Triest was the early leader, then it was Wouts followed by Klein Kromhof, Saris but the final leader was Jeffrey Dewulf with Satink in 2nd before Triest and Saris. Saris won the Championship and the overall with Dewulf and Satink on the podium.

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