GP14 Belgium

Lommel on Sunday was a long day for the journalists with a EMX150, EMX300, EMX125 race, and two races of EMX250, MX2 and MXGP. 

I finally managed to get some galleries together.


There were some close battles in the front between Simpson, Paulin and Febvre. Urged on by the British and Belgian fans Simpson won both races. Paulin and Febvre joined him on the podium while the Belgian and Dutch riders disappointed. Check out the gallery of both races here.


Due to other responsibilities I only watched the 1st race. I was back just in time to see Anstie win the 2nd heat and take the podium with his 2nd double victory. Pauls Jonass was surprised to get the red plate and Petrov was happy with his 1st podium in the MX2 class.

A gallery here.

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